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Lentiviral Vector Technology

Lentiviral vector basics

Lentiviral vectors (LVs) are gene delivery vehicles for the genetic modification of mammalian cells. They integrate into the host cell genome, providing a stable, long term expression of the gene of interest (GoI) sequence with very low genotoxic potential. In contrast to gamma-retroviral vector systems, LVs transduce both non-dividing as well as actively dividing cell types, leading to highly efficient transduction of cell populations of interest. 



Lentiviral vectors designed for clinical use are derived from HIV-1. The vectors do not express any HIV genes and are replication incompetent. After binding to the cell surface and internalization, the RNA-genome is converted to DNA which then stably integrates into the host cell chromosomal DNA. Finally, the genetic sequence of interest- e.g. a shRNA, miRNA or gene-is transcribed by the cell‘s intrinsic transcription machinery. 



Lentigen Technology

Lentigen utilizes proprietary third generation SIN vector system that has been designed to enhance clinical translation capabilities. The vectors can be pseudotyped with a range of envelope proteins, depending upon the specific application.

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